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I am an amateur whom the pros do not understand.

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Strong fundamentals, excellent buy if you are able to do so. Smart business models, always very high profit.
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Very good insight Christopher Chong.
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When there's a seller, there's a buyer. The spelling transaction will not be made happen without a buyer. Shares changing hands. From those who lost confidence to those who see things differently and have confidence in the company.

As simple as that.
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I believe that a company who is professional enough to appoint a professional auditor to audit their books is far better than any company who report unaudited financial results. I think, once SERBA appoints another professional auditor and this auditor provided a different view, or perhaps provide their opinion only after clear communication with the management, then we know where this company is heading to.

Auditors are human, same goes to the management.

Traders only are superhumans?
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Guys, you all are right too. I mean, you stated the facts. I am just saying the other possibilities. Of course, hope is different. We all want to make profit. But, in any trading, be it physical or paper, buying at a lower price is always the target right? Just saying.
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Someone just trying to make a drama so that they can buy back the shares at cheaper value, in preparation for higher crude and economic recovery. Trust me, it is time to buy.

Remember, when people are afraid, it is time to buy.
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Time to go up. O&G sector will be the first to pick up after covid19 pandemic. This is important as global economy recovers.

There is no other reason for O&G stocks to tumble because they have reached rock bottom last year.

Like it or not, it is on the upward, no matter what.

More over, if the management is professional, focused and committed towards improving their businesses.

Sapura Energy is on the right track to become an elite player in the stock exchange for many years to come.
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Oh begitu, thx bossku
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Malaya always synonymous with mining
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Kalau tgk fundamental, belum game over
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