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Ikram Rasid

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I am an amateur whom the pros do not understand.

Joined May 2020


Technically, looks good. But nobody knows about the future for sure.
17 hours · translate
Must not only read AA report, have to read other airlines reports as well to get a better feel. Time to support Malaysian brand.
18 hours · translate
Not a bad performance considering other airlines were going for Chapter 11. It was expected due to pandemic, but surprisingly, AA managed to withstand the perfect storm. Good luck maybe?
1 day · translate
This is not gonna be in 1 day. I have commented on Air Asia before, Gamuda and also some other stocks. This is a different one. Probably a fluke.
1 day · translate
Early June, it was at 0.85 on average, now at 0.30 lower than it was originally priced 1 month ago. It is a simple math. With uncertainties of covid19 in the US and beyond, and popularity of Malaysian health related counters. This stock should be worth buying, especially amongst the smaller fishes. When the bigger ones come, you'll reap the benefits.

Fair enuff. It is at your own judgement of course. Just my 2 cents worth, at least it covers the costs. Lol.
1 day · translate
Construction looks like getting back on track. Good news everywhere.
4 days · translate
Because the Korean investors are coming in? Probably?
6 days · translate
If wait patiently and pandemic gets worsening
1 week · translate
I think all health related stocks are going sky high today
1 week · translate
Boeing went to the sky overnight, what more AA
1 week · translate
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