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Ethan Lee Soo Kin

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与其讨魚吃 不如自己学会出海捕魚
***价值为主 技术为辅 投资致富***
股海无涯 唯精是岸

Joined Feb 2017


on the way go to Holland
23 hours · translate
14/07/2019 Eden RM0.17. Volumn increase recently, target price RM0.20
3 days · translate
Nick, come to me baby
6 days · translate
Tongkat Ali Please.....
6 days · translate
Come to me baby
1 week · translate
Yes Mark, hope Master will break RM1.30 soon. Cheers
1 week · translate
Engine restart tomorrow. let wait and see
1 week · translate
Belinda, Pesona-wc 转换价RM0.25, wc 股价RM0.03, 加起来是RM0.28, 比母股价RM0.235高出了4.5仙。wc还有半年就到期,这意味着除非母股价高于26-27仙或以上,不然wc会逐渐下跌直到失去价值
1 week · translate
Nick 今天靜靜什么都沒有买 只是买了花生坐着看戏
1 week · translate
Nick, come to me baby :)
1 week · translate
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