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first time saw tis kind of horrible flushing ops....
1 day · translate
dude, more than half year or longer u keep tis stock ?
2 days · translate
Amin dude, no harm to wait becos volume will tell everything right. cheers !
3 days · translate
anyone still holding the prices 0.65 or below? just wan to know how long u ppl oredi keep tis stock at tat prices...cheers
3 days · translate
I think they already start collecting the tickets volume now and for sure will have something happen to the prices tis week. if can pay dividends then is extra benefits for tis company. for those still believe it then can test the sweetness lo. Bravo !
3 days · translate
Amin bro, wat is ur thinking about tis huge volume. Target 0.18 resistance can break through?
4 days · translate
Cpo prices start increase. Is this the next stock going to boom up guys... cheers
4 days · translate
before ex date the prices oredi been press down. then after ex date sure no eyes see the prices lo ...erm....
1 week · translate
AH bro, I decide to top up for second time to get bigger volume for tis stock. Maybe our opinion and target is match . Cheers
2 weeks · translate
bro, becos oredi reached my target prices and I need move anothers stock for turnover purpose.
2 weeks · translate
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