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Up Up Up.... 5.50 in the corner
14 hours · translate
Good news share price didn't up much, small bad news share price fall like hell. Dunno what counter it this...
22 hours · translate
MGB also move up high d... The Mother should move soon
1 day · translate
Then should be kaw dividend or bonus share....
1 day · translate
so it will be around April
1 day · translate
When they gonna announce disposal of their Zhuhai assets?
2 days · translate
No sign to move also
6 days · translate
Pharma Niaga the partner that choose by Kanger pun already use by other vaccines company d... Correct me if I am wrong...thanks
1 week · translate
Total vaccines bring in by Government consist of Pfizer, Astra&Zeneca, SinoVac, Cansino & lastly Sputnik V with injection for 35mil peoples means entire polulation d... If Sinopharm Vaccine coming in, who gonna take the vaccines?
1 week · translate
If Sinopharm is not Cansino nor SinoVac means this counter tapao d lo... The 5 vaccines taken by M'sia Government for entire population if without sinopharm means Kanger gone liao lo
1 week · translate
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