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"Stock market is a device for transferring money from the Impatient to the Patient" - Warren Buffet

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all red, except for Yinson !! Powerhouse in the making
21 hours · translate
surely will, just the matter of time
Patience will always be rewarded, GCB would be one of the best recovery stock
1 day · translate
still lots of upside
2 days · translate
Serba seems to be doing everything @[email protected]
3 days · translate
it has begun !
2 weeks · translate
go go Paramount, let's break resistance today !!
2 weeks · translate
Great choice, Yinson's business are not affected by the volatility of crude oil price despite many presumptions on the surface level
2 weeks · translate
the bull it's coming !!
2 weeks · translate
dividend yield is great, hope it doesn't eat into capital gains
2 weeks · translate
it's coming!
2 weeks · translate
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