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如果真如你所说 nexia 那样,那我觉得月尾应该没有SIR,然后多几天 就会停牌了。。。

如果nexia 对年报的意见是毫无保留的话,也就是不认同kpmg 的疑虑的话,
audited annual report 还是有机会出的。最最重要是nexia 肯不肯签。。。

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… More recently, Serba Dinamik has reiterated that it expects the SIR report by its special independent reviewer Ernst & Young Consulting Sdn Bhd (EY) to be ready "within 4Q 2021". …


if you have your source, welcomed to share here.
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well, i think SIR will not out in October.
Karim and EY never promise that, SIR is only EXPECTED around 4Q2021.

even the news of bi-weekly progress not seen a single piece.
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Kon. very good question haha.
annual report 10月31日会不会出,只有karim 知道。
如果 Nexia 想要等 EY 的SIR 出来才肯签,
那么情况就可能是 - 先停牌,再出SIR,再出audit annual report,再复牌。TP 1.00


如果你有信心annual report 月尾出的到,go ahead XD 。。。当然我希望他出的到啦
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我觉得现在的风险不是SIR ,是annual report 。
1。因为如果10月31日没有SIR 但是有annual report,不会停牌。
2。31/10 如果 SIR 出了,但是没有annual report,依然是停牌。

3。但是如果没有annual report,confirm 停牌,甚至除牌。如果手上有票的话,根本无法套现。

如果怕的话不如annual report 先出来,没有停牌的风险,再持股等SIR 出来,我觉得1.00不是问题。
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Andrew. 我想的理解就是,
bursa 条例,audit年报一定要10月31日出,不然会停牌直到你的audit年报出,

SIR 不一样,SIR 的期限没有规定10月31日。
楼上的朋友说serba need EY sign SIR to close audit。我认为年报不是EY 的责任,年报是Nexia SSY 的责任。
如果Nexia SSY 认为没问题可以过关,那么一样是audited annual report 。
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many got con by tabung haji including me...
bought 1.61 cut loss 1.40 heart break………
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annual reports must be end October according to bursa listing requirement, else will suspend until dunno when.

SIR report not necessarily end October. i believe boss Karim will show annual report first, SIR report will much later.
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TP 1.00 gogogo
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who looking for SIR report next week?
no need panic. deadline is 4Q2021, not October.

therefore go buy popcorn then come back. still plenty of time
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