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U call this double top? Poda la dei
2 weeks · translate
This counter now worth toilet paper
1 month · translate
Waiting for 5 sen
1 month · translate
Any hope for this counter?
1 month · translate
Q2 expected to be slow according to the management. Only pick up again second half of the year
1 month · translate
Thanks Sharon
1 month · translate
Sharon, I believe that the selling pressure over the last few weeks has been also due to Bank Pembangunan selling off their shareholding in Maybulk. Do we know if they have completed selling or still in the midst of it? Being no longer a major shareholder (ie less than 5%) we don't have any announcement visibility into the above mentioned information
1 month · translate
Just wait for the goreng when bonus issue is announced. At least double
1 month · translate
Mickey you are correct. Just wait till July for the big rm10
1 month · translate
Q1 always slow for tech because of cny. Furthermore the office was closed for 2 weeks because of covid. Market already expected that. Q2 will be outstanding
1 month · translate
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