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Don't be too underestimating the heavy selling pressure at 0.34-0.35... Pull the horizon longer and you will see why the resistance is said to be heavy.
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That's why thinking to fund out from SCGM... Dilemma... Later i sell today, the agreement signed tmr.
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Still got fund.. But dont wanna hold too many stocks at one time. Currently holding 3 stocks including SCGM. If too many, hard to monitor. (my own principle and personal experience la)
6 days · translate
Not sure when the agreement will be signed....
6 days · translate
Tempting to sell for opportunity cost when other data center concept stocks climbing non stop......
6 days · translate
Sleeping beauty, Sunzen. Inflow everyday but no up yet
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Henry took profit dy?
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The candle today is a bit ugly. Hope no dump tmr.
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Wow, 昨天才说,今天就起回来了
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own profit rate
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