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1 week · translate
呵呵[email protected] 看起来赌博好像是你啊~呵呵
2 weeks · translate
due to lock down ....for my view this saudee will rocket soon....
3 weeks · translate
RM 1 - RM 1.50 shld b no problems....
1 month · translate
1 month · translate
sorry...may I know wt does it mean for macd cross? tq
2 months · translate
bcoz someone try to scare somebody to throw the tickets den at d same time they can collect lowest price ticket....haha
2 months · translate
or sudden limit up to 0.40 per share? haha
8 months · translate
soon....mayb need to do servicing for this few weeks...

after everythg done, den will fly up to RM 1.00.....

pls b patient....
9 months · translate
hi yutaka, may I know when is d budget coming? tq
9 months · translate
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