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if digi and axiata merge,then, are they exist in separate entity in stocks ?
1 day · translate
naik 40 sen laaa....senang anak nak naik ..anak menunggu je tuuu
2 days · translate
something good finally? Mother needs to move up first.... Son has been waiting to explode...
3 days · translate
push up the prices la mainshareholder... They dont know how to attract people with bonus issue eh? Do like UWC and greatech...Their operators know how to attract people to trade and invest their money in...
4 days · translate
patient guys... vaccine inoculation will be in May...till then,recover and fly to the sky..haha
5 days · translate
anis...can teach me how to predict price based on eps... fundamental i suc ks.. hahah
5 days · translate
10rm pleaseeee
5 days · translate
tomorrow limit up..
1 week · translate
if it breaks the major support,yes u might consider that
1 week · translate
esok dnex up !
1 week · translate
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