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finally news out. Once up main board, local fund can get into it. Stil room to go.
4 days · translate
I think peak already, 完了
2 weeks · translate
Malaysia counter no fast one, if fifo look US roller coaster kind.
2 weeks · translate
Stay calm and hold what have. 560mil share, volume this 2 day only 2-3mils. Stay have room maybe
2 weeks · translate
Count down to up main board ?
3 weeks · translate
MOU for expanding operation.
3 weeks · translate
I think by end of the year, once they fulfil 3y profits, then can be converted to main board. Now stil Low price.
1 month · translate
Growth counter, chance to listed main market high, once in main market, big fund will come in. Gogogo!
1 month · translate
Seem like QR might good ? 4th jab gogogo.
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4 months · translate
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