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I only do good investments, Goreng stocks are long gone

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oil 85, main board soon, others very green we red? hmmmm
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Lol? Just temporarily suspended nia
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TCS is good, but what i don't like about construction is profit margin too low, rather get some property that has in house construction, sunway, lagenda etc.
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I'm actually interested on the RE prospect, 2 mil per quarter profit guarantee over next 2 years, and possibly operating its own solar farm
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anyone to add on? I missed first part
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I was in the call earlier with thien, he was mentioning few things
1) currently they are subcontractor for solar epcc companies, but exploring options locally and overseas to own a solar farm
2) umbrella with pxxxxxas allows them to pretty much use new technologies which they developed, now they are submitting a few things
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haha your dictionary only have limit up this word? no others?
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Haha, means your timing not good, two months so Down liao, now only you want add
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thank you yah the bright light
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Long term wise I think lagenda can be the steady growth counter
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