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其实这些都是自欺欺人的骗话,根本是企业家的慌言,无能的政府寻找借口,我国多少公民懒惰,他们离乡背井,到外国找饭吃,做的是劳工,不是老板!他们几时懒惰?如果无能的国家领导继续下去,更长的龙还是要排,大马劳工,还要更早起来了。我才不细诉问题在那里,如果继续下去,不单人才外流,工作水平永远低落,低廉劳工,不肯高薪用来提高生产力,也怕政府偏激的政策,种族优先的陋习等等问题,没有解决,大马,教育的政治化,根本达不到能高薪 养人,生产力低,品质差,GDP只能由少数的上曾企业龚上,扶贫根本就是空中楼阁 !
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it was rejected by euro and made in India, khairy J, you are evil just playing politic, you are murdering selangor citizen life.
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how about western countries dumping pic, toxis chemical substance, and etc. who got the influence to let it in?
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what special circumstances and never declear? Malaysia politic are always the perforate then judge! what's a pity !
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their form notice are too late .and the price also not attractive.
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not easy to sell off, even at 3cents
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your robber being demolished Malaysian musang king, still expect for high yield to export, what's a sleeping minister!you better pray hundred times a day to fufill your dreams!
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