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Wow, back to normal price..
10 hours · translate
Because he knew stock will go 8 cent..
1 day · translate
Sometime, the pain decision have to be make to avoid greater loss. Most Retailer not the long term investor.. Gud luck all..
3 days · translate
See.. Told u already.. Gud luck.. Already break 1st support.. Next second support. Then, u will know when the ppl start afraid..
4 days · translate
No need to wait, just throw ur share.. Just wait at 5 cent or below..
4 days · translate
Nice stock. Gud lux share holder.. The play only mid term.
4 days · translate
Gud luck shareholder. Nice
4 days · translate
How many time he come?
4 days · translate
Bad.. Need be careful.. Gud luck shareholder.
4 days · translate
Walaupon tak ada dalam nie, but i see a good stock soon.. Just wait an another months..u will be smile..
5 days · translate
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