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Hahaha.. I think many people though like u fazli.. Vinvest, supermax, serbadk.. All get his comment, stock not going up.. Hahaha
7 hours · translate
asdion owner have another solution to settle thier loan. Revenue going up.. thier glove-making is true..
2 weeks · translate
Already told u last two week. Gud luck to who still holding..hope will rebound..
2 weeks · translate
As long x break 0.215, selamat lg.. Tp ad potential nak short rebound.. Gud luck semua..
2 weeks · translate
If you the owner.. If im the owner, sure up rm 1 just for u cbk.. Hahaha
2 weeks · translate
Qr for june, go and see june value stock.. Its not reflect current value.. If the business ok, should be the vinvest already in uptrend.. Hahaha
2 weeks · translate
Lot of sell.. Mean qr not good.. Kih3
2 weeks · translate
Too risky vinvest.. No signal buy..break 40 cents, straight away die.. Hahaha
2 weeks · translate
Hahahaha.. Marah nampak bang..
2 weeks · translate
Cbk is here..becareful everyone.. He very gooood in telling something.. Hahahaha
3 weeks · translate
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