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The PP turned out to be less dilutive than initially announced. Good
1 month · translate
Demand for their PP seems strong and quickly taken up.
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the efirecapital website used to have the Chairman's profile - HE. Eng. Salah Salem Omair Al Shamsi , but for some reason they have removed him. I wonder why.
3 months · translate
But all these data centers plans from these big tech companies might ruined by our rubbish transport minister who is still insisting on cabotage policy
7 months · translate
bro, easy to see the link la. Awantec playing a role in Mydigital. awantec has strong business relationship with Serba (serba bought many of their stuffs, their college, their office building). serba signed MoU with Microsoft last year. Microsoft getting pre-approval for a data centre in Malaysia.
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the same also appeared/disappeared at suarasarawak news.
7 months · translate
hahaha they added back in lol. that's the one I saw
7 months · translate
I have the screenshot with me.
7 months · translate
theedgemarket. saw it around 8am this morning. however the author took it down. just read the details of the Mydigital blueprint you can tell hints that Serba will be involved some how. Data centres. :)
7 months · translate
Not sure anyone notice the article in Theedge this morning the reveal/update of the Mydigital Blueprint is in partnership with TM & Serba. However they took it down shortly before market open
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