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好成绩哦!反弹?Seven hardware instruments
plus control I/O
− 4-channel, 50 MHz
oscilloscope with 14-bit
− 16-channel, 100 MS/s logic
analyzer/pattern generator
− 16-channel, 1 MS/s analog
input with 16-bit resolution
− 40 DIO lines individually
programmable as input,
output, PWM, or digital
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limit up tomorrow
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Old + new plants running parallel? or old plant closed, running new plant only?
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Yes, msc can do it
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2月尾的报告, 请问是7到12月的成绩吗?
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spm, i scored A in Chinese.....hahaha...then further studied until Phd
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Chee..... haha.. true .. forgotten the "tiao".... i learned Chinese from my primary Chinese school and secondary school
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I'm not comparing with Tesla, i own Tesla counter as well....perhaps more than u
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low yee...lol....u know "steel"....so easy to produce then u ask Annjoo, Lion Ind, Hiaptek, etc switch to produce silicon lah....i meant ASEAN countries not worldwide
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