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i think it depends on yr purpose. I bought for long term investment, so i feel ok. if u plan for short term trading, then if drop lagi, then u can choose to cut lost and trade other counters. no right or wrong, depends on ur preference :)
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the company has more than 12m cash in hand, and 0.01gearing ratio. cash flow should be no problem. dealt with this company before, payment very nice
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yeah, unfortunately this seems to be the 'practice/culture' of this industry. their collection period normally is 3-4 months. some could drag to 5-6months. i knew this because i am frm this industry..
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但plabs平均一年只赚400万wor, yenher 一年赚差不多20m++, 同样pe的话,yenher 应该要有 1.1以上吧?
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8mil looks nice, but i think this is well below expectations, thats why wee peng said lousy
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现在看来这个shooting star 是fake signal, 根本就是要洗掉contra kaki 的 haha
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based on graph, 如果突破66sen resistance并且站稳,有望上到90sen. 我的TP 0.9, 你们怎么看?
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hmmm, okay thanks for yr advice lawrence..
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by looking at the graph, the resistance level seems like around 0.66, once broken should fly high, mana tau cant sustain. Let's wait for next week and see...
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