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Reach tp, 0.3. Bye2 Alex and other, hope huat 2
3 weeks · translate
No need set 0.33 la, no need to be that greed. One or half month salary can already
1 month · translate
Aiya, avg till left 30% cash left. Waiting another chance, hehe
1 month · translate
Blame hand itchy, can't stop buying
1 month · translate
Haha, I just help Alex shouts on behalf only. 0.25, 0.255 is where its begin.
1 month · translate
No worry, got another bunch of tickets @ 0.255 yum yummy. Next will be 0.215, am I correct? Hehehe
1 month · translate
Almost there, Come to me panic ticket
1 month · translate
Yea, thanks Alex caring for others so much. Really thanks you. Buy or not let rests do their own diversification
1 month · translate
To Holland or to Honeymoon, will see. Hehehe
1 month · translate
Yea, I'm also beginner only. Go catch falling knife today. So Alex, what caused 900 ++ counter drop?
1 month · translate
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