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Actually don't worry too much. Everything will be back to normal. Just think it positively all the way.
42 minutes · translate
L2 Success, you top up at what price?
7 hours · translate
1000 units = 1000,000 units
20 hours · translate
If below 9 can start to collect
23 hours · translate
Ini counter x tau mau tunggu sampai bila
23 hours · translate
Yes Mansor. Mcm mkn org punnya duit saja
Yesterday · translate
Mbsb no power already
Yesterday · translate
9.00 very good price
Yesterday · translate
Koay, if Tenaga low price can collect already. What is your target price for low?
Yesterday · translate
Mat, ini counter mau tunggu satu masa panjang lagi
2 days · translate
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