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If going down I want to top up again
7 hours · translate
Don't know tomorrow will open high?
22 hours · translate
No problem bro. 恭喜发财 to you bro. I don't have this counter. I have Genm only. Haha...
1 week · translate
Hum, monday is public holiday no trading. Tuesday will be back to normal.
1 week · translate
Auditor, you are the good person. I trust you. I also noticed it very long time ago. Then the result are also not very nice. The dividend are also not very much.
2 weeks · translate
Auditor, if like that it will below 8
2 weeks · translate
I think it will be lower than 0.130
1 month · translate
You don't sell it half also?
1 month · translate
Sure can average Wan
1 month · translate
Wan, you want to buy this price also right?
1 month · translate
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