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actually the QR aldy out on 20/5/2024 and is much better than the last QR ending 31/12/2023, just waiting for announcement.dunno if that is true due to no confirmation yet.
15 hours · translate
Mr tan,are you ok?see what happened now? gonna turn green already,I got some stocks @ 0.69 just now,can sell and get some Kopi money for today... kekekeke
17 hours · translate
let it cool down a little bit in the morning is very good , then positively turn green in the afternoon session, I am queuing at 0.69 now to accumulate more stocks into my portfolio,we never worry.......
19 hours · translate
the game is just started from here, I bet today will not close red...the show is not over.It will go like NOTION counter.. Mr tan
2 days · translate
if the price can stay above 0.70 for 1 or 2wks, then confirm RM1.00 is not a dream
3 days · translate
who told you kyy had given up?I predict he won't dump his shares below 1.00.....this QR result is aldy known by insiders b4 announcing end of May and must be a good one, that is what kyy said
3 days · translate
share price possibly will stay above 0.60,,,, strong support at 0.62...All in H9E kaw kaw liao b4 this month QR announcement... huhuhuhu
5 days · translate
0.665 tutup hari ini walau pun hrg turun,tapi masih jauh dari maximum 0.455...kekeke
6 days · translate
turun ckit 1 Sen pun seronok nya....punya heboh,,, hehehehehehe
6 days · translate
koon yew yin,ppl call him stock mkt investment expert
6 days · translate
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