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1 hour · translate
hahahaha.... so fast flip table ady xD
20 hours · translate
那么快就跳车,我还打算增持勒,股价太吸引 哈哈哈
1 day · translate
great! bought it! thanks for 0.805 tickets
1 day · translate
waiting 0.805
1 day · translate
wa sai, nice prediction! good one 風雲
waiting to topup more if it drop to 0.805
2 days · translate
ya, ignore those minority with negative thoughts, they normally come out during red but gone when it is green, i believe more ppl appreciate what u shared hahaha
4 days · translate
morning ppl! lets huat with dnex
4 days · translate
good, weak holders pls sell, let others who are interested to accumulate cheap tickets :)
6 days · translate
lol! why got such chinese name aemulus xD
6 days · translate
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