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dnex show time next week :)
4 days · translate
agree! buy before it is too late~ :)
1 week · translate
show coming? big player gonna push it higher for great closing today and ready for qr? Hahahaha
1 week · translate
ya probably tonight release qr ady, management well plan! waited to release -ve news first to collect more cheap tickets then follow by minor green qr to pump up...
1 week · translate
ya, same here when i look at no brainers' comments who trying hard to create fear.... falling knife? limit down? serbadk 2.0? bunch of jokers lol
1 week · translate
they are gone, probably they filled their bag secretly when there is no LD....hahahaha
1 week · translate
last round of cheap gonna open low close high, lot of retailers training hard to spread the fear and ask ppl sell so they can buy cheap, hehe
1 week · translate
ya, great chance to buy cheap from trader like feng yun who are super short sightedness hahaha
1 week · translate
this guy is a trader but act like a investor...hahahaha
1 week · translate
之前每天從早到晚放利好消息叫人買,現在內部調整就叫人不要買 ,自打嘴巴,哈哈哈
1 week · translate
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