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Ya lah, Swee Ho.
I do this with foc
Not like people who get pay from boss to tanam jagung. Kakaka
1 month · translate
Swee Ho, aiyo why you never support @0.04 at closing, even 100 share also will help mah.... That day people said loud loud no one want to sell at 0.035, then 1.7mil share sold today is not from human lor, don't scared 9 me in mid July lor.
1 month · translate
Swee Ho, how can you said people are jagung (con) ? He just a technical analysis trader........
1 month · translate
I just want to make sure you doing your job, nor gaji buta from Asixxxx.
Anyway, your office at Desa Petaling still operating?
1 month · translate
Ya lah, challenging from 10++cents until 3.5cents. Anyway, how's your DGB doing lately? Long time never see your comment there.
1 month · translate
Sure boh, No one sell @ 0.035? The one who sold 202,000 shares @0.035 today hantu bulan 7?
1 month · translate
Tan, later people will come out and ask for the prove and evidence.
1 month · translate
Tan, they r 3 stooges.
Another one is Good123.
1 month · translate
Victor, how many account you created? deleted the previous comments after lubang pecah?
1 month · translate
mother otw to 0.07
1 month · translate
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