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buy back working perfect... the only green counter in my watchlist
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For me is simple, correct me if I'm wrong. Many are saying Ambank is going to bankrupt. I don't dare to say that because i afraid later kena sue. What i know is Ambank current PE is only 8.52 while Affin is 16.07, PBB is 16.81, HLB is 16.15 and Maybank is 14.93. For me Ambank current price of 3.15 is super cheap and undervalued. For Ambank to reach reasonable PE of 15 with current earnings, share price should be 5.54!!! Although Ambank suffer the penalty of 1MDB case, it's already factored and over for me and company is on the right track to recover through PP. I'm believe the PP investors are not stupid and I'm grabbing the opportunity as well.
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3.6 otw leng leng
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倒闭? 你是说那些PP投资者都是傻瓜? 还是你在吓人压价钱收票? 哈哈
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another private placement done by US investors
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run run run fast run... going down another 20% ... limit down today!!
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agak agak 40~50
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23 sen otw... better just cut loss and buy back lower if u plan to invest long term
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