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这股有事也跌 ,没事也在跌
20 hours · translate
toothless, u r allow to giving inside information to others? or someone ask you to do that..
5 days · translate
OK i giv tp rm5 after 5 years time. haha
1 week · translate
我和你想法大致一样,但是心态要好一点 我也亏好几万 但就那样咯 看开点,反正股市有赚有亏,别人好运捞到低赚到钱就祝福他们咯,亏钱也别灰心,钱可以再赚回来咯,只是这klse论坛有太多guru和关心我们输赢的人太bb了,看了有点了烦,就ignore他们就好
1 week · translate
last time cypark drop 2 week non stop, will it up 2 week non stop? those buy low gain 50% up profit edi. huat already ..hehe
1 week · translate
He used to do that, last time call comment all in buy samaiden, then drop like shit then delete comment, Just ignore this kind of ball less hero haha
2 weeks · translate
2 weeks · translate
monday a lot ppl take profit lo
2 weeks · translate
0.34 to rm2 how many percentage ? very hard to reach, can go to rm1 above consider very good alread.
2 weeks · translate
r u insider ? why u gt video to upload at youtube.
2 weeks · translate
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