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QR come with net loss.. 1 week reach 0.20 to 0.30
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Last Q3 result only earn 5mil..if this Q3 still show "red color" (mean less than 5mil profit).. Then really GG already, can dabao... Even show "green color" also need careful as this is compare to last Q3 5Mil profit only...
5 days · translate
Borrow 400mil in August
160 mil in October, 160 mil again in Nov... Total 720 mil in less than 6 month.. This indicate a huge financial problem.. Run before too late.. Pay loan and interest also difficult already, don't dream of dividend...

I wonder why the bank will borrow.. Haha sure very high rate % only they willing to borrow
1 week · translate
Next Quarter result come.. Share price drop below resistance... Then GG
1 month · translate
Taking loan of 400 mil in August, another 160 mil in October. Total 560 mil new debts within 6 months. How many years of profit to pay??
Lower turnover then lower profit + high interest to pay debtors.. Change of dividen policy to yearly basis. All of these may indicate Astro has very very less money left, almost can say financial problem.
Money borrowed for expansion?
Better not use new borrowed money to pay another debt... Debt pay debt.. Forever debts..
1 month · translate
Waiting CNY fat angpao rm0. 55 per share.. Keke
1 month · translate
Ya true.. Overpriced... i rather listen to AI + just song & ads will do.. Some DJ really noisy...
2 months · translate
Lol... Some said "hold la if not urgent for money, wait for rebound and turnover " ... I somehow agree on stocks with "future"....Astro really GG already.. Subscription drop, will keep continue drop when lock-in contract due... Then advertisement income also very less... USD so high, content cost expensive... Tvbox or online channel free and better.. How Astro compete? 输少当赢吧...
2 months · translate
Ya.. Surely...no choice have to cut loss at 0.4x.. Target 0.3x buy again..
2 months · translate
Still bargain hunting? This share can use the word of "bargain"?
2 months · translate
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