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Time to collect more wait sweet angpao coming CNY
4 hours · translate
haha...u sold d..that why revised lower from TP 9 to TP 5.90.... hahaha
4 weeks · translate
CNY angpao coming soon.. keke..
1 month · translate
glove stock " low" enough already meh?? I afraid still got 30% to go (down).. hehe
1 month · translate
uncle Kee I will follow you.... haha...got kangtao remember share share
1 month · translate
how about windfall tax?
1 month · translate
RM 0.70 is huge difference already when you hold many units.
Wait few years is no better than put in FD atleast no risk got steady 2% return.
People always want to buy at lowest.
2 months · translate
EPF throw 3m each time
KWAP collect 1m each time
Government = net seller
2 months · translate
买在 RM 14. 第一次 average up.
2 months · translate
any good news?
2 months · translate
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