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almost 4 months since end Sept 22...hopefully after this engine start running 5th gear haha
3 days · translate
how to open? RM12bil item unverified..almost RM5b debt..short of key staff..who gonna give funds after all this fiasco.
1 week · translate
middle feb 2023
1 week · translate
slowing down...see who sangkut
2 weeks · translate
musical chair...who the last one standing..hahah
2 weeks · translate
tooo hot..take profit tq
2 weeks · translate
got money to appeal..but no money to remit EPF? kesian staff
2 weeks · translate
not a chance..the liabilities a mind boggling close to RM5 bil..and nobody knows whether the assets receivables and inventories exists or not..even the auditor expressed disclaimer on audited accounts.
2 weeks · translate
ambank again ..last time 1mdb..now SD..so unlucky
2 weeks · translate
create a record too..court the case involving Serba Dinamik is the largest insolvency case in the courts given the debt of RM5 billion..good job.
2 weeks · translate
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