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2 weeks · translate
today up alot, no luck le
3 weeks · translate
uptrend velesto should able to go higher
2 months · translate
pls carry me
2 months · translate
i see steel going to wave 2, jag and tawin (copper) maybe follow theme, logistic i see freight strong. (strong like kenanga). oil n gas slowly move up (full theme i think another 2 week). technology still the best trend, ev car and 5g theme. jhm, aemulus, elsoft, krono price still ok
2 months · translate
vs i think already quite high before theme start. if cannot break 3.0, most likely will down trend
3 months · translate
你可以参考hongseng 八月的涨的方式,希望同样的方式涨
3 months · translate
3 months · translate
3 months · translate
annjoo or lionid stronger
4 months · translate
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