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1. 传闻盈利将会受影响 due to dunno what 7 reason already
2. 被除名出 dunno what 7 platform and klci top 30 index
3. 大咔套现,然后套人,底价购入,推高再赚,收工走人。你就出钱住套房吊爆嘴,他就赚钱戴套套吊高人。
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Sell lower down la... Continuously bad QR, lousy management, what for keep on defend 0.055 now, direct sell down fast to 0.02 and do consolidation, rights issue free warrant again la...
4 months · translate
If really fly once I cut lost, please thank me for becoming bright lamp for you.
5 months · translate
QR and share price keep holland. Kept 1 year+, no patient liao cut lost.
5 months · translate
Expected holland liao.
5 months · translate
Won't have good coming qr, share price now already reflected. If good qr will pre-goreng up before release, then sell on news.
5 months · translate
Holland liao.
5 months · translate
Money from selling of what? Their operational cost always high that will drag report become loss...
5 months · translate
Coming soon... Don't longkang
5 months · translate
Dream too small hanya 0.1 .... I'll push to that level stop a while let u run 1st then. Let other big dreamer to join the ride after that
5 months · translate
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