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Lawrence Ding

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Joined Mar 2017


I think MACC should investigate the millions pay out...
6 months · translate
American Doctor's have found GMO product causes severe sickness in human. Why are we still eating their product?????
6 months · translate
Malaysian who still support ly as should think of staying as near as possible to the factory..Please
9 months · translate
ECRl,,minetec what connection...
10 months · translate
How to report ,makan suap by motorcycle polis in KAMPAR..
1 year · translate
When ANWAR become the PM you won't be so big headed...read also Utar subsidy..
1 year · translate
JF .in actual fact we are Stupid to have voted dap/pH..see what pH have done until now,economy down,share market down,palm oil down..many more ...Worst of all lge is going against the Chinese education..Read subsidy to UTAR..compare to others.
1 year · translate
From my experience.The older short distance bus co. ,today already all shut down...so this could be another PLAY counter...sell on any profit..Good Luck....
1 year · translate
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