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Comments, saudee 2.0
6 hours · translate
你说得对 古神 hahaa
2 days · translate
Ahh ahahaa I like u jyh Han tye. This is the typical reply from trash penny speculation trader.
2 days · translate
很多新手只喜欢 仙股,算了 哈哈
2 days · translate
I will gg first then rot die.
6 days · translate
Aimflex similar to greatec? Are you awake? Vip Holland investor? Karim is not even in aimflex, and somemore serbadk is not doing well now with huge debt lol
1 week · translate
Hahaaa monkey company trying to be funny this ucrest hahahaa. 泡沫总是完美的
2 weeks · translate
Lmao long term... Become 20 cent again. Boss tiup rm 2 then rm 2 meh? You are too naive in market.
2 weeks · translate
Gg Jerry Zhang 2.5cent no more d... Now left 0.5 cent
2 weeks · translate
If it is a trash, you hold 3 years it is still a trash
3 weeks · translate
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