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这个时候average down才划算
7 months · translate
Good price to enter
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卖啊,卖啊,亏着卖~ 哈哈
1 year · translate
亏着卖吗? 哈哈哈~
1 year · translate
根据你的想法,很明显你不是大户,所以大户没有你的想法。 哈哈哈
1 year · translate
Tell u cue, the reason why still many ppl were discussion in gloves counters is bcos most ppl here know, the issue of covids will not easy let to go even vaccine out.
1 year · translate
Sentiment trapped much most worsen than value trapped. Value trapped shown ur matters need time, sentiment trapped shown ur stupidity
1 year · translate
How about sentiment trapped? Haha~ no one know, boy
1 year · translate
Look at the US covid cases spike, look at global covid cases, how urgent medical protection urgent need now. I don’t wanna put covid cases with stock investment relation, but it is true.
1 year · translate
Only those newbie follow sentiment. sorry, value investor follow business value.
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