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they are listed at ASX, so they don't follow Bursa Malaysia regulations. ASX don't need companies to publish every quarter result, only half yearly. but u may still see their results either at ASX announcement or Bursa announcement
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so unfortunate the company has low liquidity. otherwise such a good fundamental company
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hahahah u go through all the trouble to tell me the page and para but not telling me the order book value
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anyone know their current order book value?
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hahahahahaha sneaky sneaky operator ahhahahaha. DAMN EVIL WEYYYY
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I suspect so, even after covid, I think people would look at digitalising their HR system even more seriously since people are more acceptance of digital and some may still prefer working from home
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HOME-GROWN human capital management (HCM) solutions and technology provider Ramssol Group Bhd has chalked up a 64.91% jump in revenue for its 1Q FY2022 ended March 31, 2022 to RM8.38 mil (1Q FY2021: RM5.08 mil) – a testament that demand for its services is gradually returning amid economic recovery in the post pandemic environment.

The company has attributed the increase in its revenue mainly to the continuity of projects for the provision of HCM and student management solutions for several new customers in Malaysia since the last financial year.

“The economy is re-opening and most of the COVID-19 restrictions have been eased as the country is transitioning into an endemic phase. However, there are still several businesses and educational institutions that have continued work-from-home or home-based study practices,” observed group managing director/CEO Datuk Seri Cllement Tan Chee Seng.

“We see demand for digitalisation of HR (human resources) functions in Southeast Asia and are well-positioned to capitalise on the growing adoption of digitalisation and expand our regional footprint in the region,” Tan pointed out.

“Additionally, with the increasing adoption of digitalisation, we foresee that both security and seamless connectivity have also become essential in the workplace.

He added that Ramssol’s prospects remain positive for its FY2022 as the company will continue to introduce innovative HR tech solutions to its clients as well as to facilitate workplace digital transformation in the region.

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wooohoo cantikkkk
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come, share his alamat. throw some red paint at his place
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why all say this WC guy is cheat but no buat laporan polis 1
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