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So HSR go through uems land or their property..?
1 month · translate
Cost averaging . Now got dividend again. Huat Lai. Thank again TITAN.
2 months · translate
Hopefully they do what PBB did. Bonus issues then can shot up to 10.
3 months · translate
Thank you Oriental.. Another 20sen dividend.
5 months · translate
Dividend 20sen again. WOW very generous. Thank you.
5 months · translate
Maybe this quarter result just so so or not giving any dividend. But all plantations doing very well.Bplant superb result but LTAT also selling
8 months · translate
After selling their insurance company and returning the money still no taker.???
8 months · translate
Now got capital reduction of 40sen and 5sen dividend why nobody buying???
8 months · translate
Muhibah is only 0.525 sen per share.
9 months · translate
Worth buying the Muhibah Engineering cos they own 60% of Favco.
9 months · translate
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