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Can go down further n wrap up for good
Yesterday · translate
Yes buy more now at low price to gain more profit when price moves up to 0.38 or higher. Risk of losing capital reduction wll b less at around at around 0.30 I presume
Yesterday · translate
Price will go up to Rm1/- & beyond based on latest development and strong support from China. Co must work very hard so as not to disappoint investors. Future is very bright!
2 days · translate
Bought during IPO n until now can’t even get even after long period n payout of 39% dividends (investors’ money)! Co with too many smart people aided by Bursa
2 weeks · translate
Directors’ fees are so high but price hangs around 0.01 to 0.015 for long time ! No logic in comparison. Fees should be cut to lower to reflect on share price based on business results
4 weeks · translate
How high is the price expected today when IPO price was only at 0.17sen All Directors have made big fortune by now and have to wait for sometime for next round of price going Northward to prosperous China but not going westward to Holland.
1 month · translate
Newly listed Cos. r mostly on decline in business n finance due to high overhead n management expenses esp Directors fees etc. General investing public is mostly caught in this situation of losing money n confidence of many such Cos. Bursa has to do something positive to save such scenario n to help boost the economy
1 month · translate
Now Co is getting MOU with bank preparing to charge ‘BALLS’ to them for survival
1 month · translate
Directors are main culprits of this recent downside and may back to IPO price. Important news is Co is still making profit even it’s below expectations.
1 month · translate
This counter is an eyesore n a laughing stock of our country n shud be removed from Bursa whose administers r either not alert or inattentive or simply no eye see
1 month · translate
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