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Mohd Razif, ini WzSatu good future??
so far the previous few quarter not much, still in tbe Red, but lately, got two contracts, ya. need time to get tbe EPS up. ..... ya then only the share price will reflect
3 weeks · translate
this LFE stock will be $0.50 , then going, to $1.00, .... lots of projects.... maybe this can be technology stock...... in times to come.... maybe
1 month · translate
this stock has Road Builder ex Director. this stock is in all time low territory, due to lousy environment, losing $, however the business environment should improve, the contract is coming to 7245, the worst is over, so, seems like the company will turn into profit coming up...... next few quarters, sabar lah...... it will inch up.... slowly.... furst 0.20, then 0.30, ,then, 0.40, then 0.50...
1 month · translate
this stock, potential to 3x your investment
3 months · translate
cooking.... some volume up, good sign
5 months · translate
this stock has fundamental, not guess work, waiting for acquisition of another broking firm, big synergy, more profit, better margin, next year much better...
5 months · translate
buy with confident, USA Reported fabric mask selling record volume, eg Etsy. com.... Prolexus Oct end quarter will be doing better than juky end qtr, $2 . to $3 by end if June 2021, because the EPS, record, Lau Mong Yin and company share buy back...
5 months · translate
this Qtr EPS should come in $0.04, giving 4 qtr of Rm$0.10 EPS. Giving dividend $0.08 or $0.10.
PE 15 mean Share at least $1.50 per share,
very likely, because this qtr very active trading..... most likely the Vaccine will help the economic recovery..... maybe PE 20.....
5 months · translate
this APEX, Very cheap, will go to $1.20 to $1.50 when deckare $0.06 or $0.08 or $0.10 dividend in Dec end quarter. the earni g now very similar to 2015, 2016, 2017,
tge stick can go..... $2.00 dividend yield 3%.
5 months · translate
air Asia already gone up 6 cents today, AAX follow to go up very soon will go up to $0.09 soon.....
6 months · translate
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