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Congrats :) first dividend 0.125
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delete不是因为心虚 而是发现你是来打嘴炮 不是讨论 还不了解jv的accounting treatment. 真的没必要说那么多 看年底股价在哪里咯 all in绝对不是一个投资者说的话 是赌徒说的话 :)
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I don’t get what you mean. Your thinking is to minimise the losses before getting the dividend promised from the management ? How does it work? 900m is the money from JV which due to accounting treatment won’t show in ewint account. You will get me if you have gone through all annual report. I didn’t ask you to keep cyclical stocks like ewint (property development sector) for 20 years. But you need to follow the wave to earn good money in shares market. I just comment here because people just talk without reading the report. Not saying you, just general speaking
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Teow has mentioned their target is to monetising the completed stocks and return excess cash to shareholders. It’s exactly the same from the annual report. 6 more project to be launched ew London but depends on market. Rising development cost higher than the rising housing price.
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Just read the report dude. The management aim to distribute 900mil excess cash to shareholders by the end of 2023. Take you 2 mins to glance through the latest QR “press release” report. I get the info from report too lol
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Yes bro lol
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900mil/24b shares issued is 0.375per share. Depends on management how to distribute cash generated from JV ballymore project. Let’s see what will happen in fourth quarter, hopefully is exciting news. During 2020 the management declare to aim 6 sens dividend in report which they keep their words to declare 1 and 5 sens on March and May 2021 respectively. I trust the management
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冲啊!等了好久。 终于冲
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5 cents dividend at least ?
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PE 6+ ROE 20+. Very good company I think
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