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will go down to 0.26 in 1 month time, better sell fast
9 hours · translate
next Qr when come out?
3 days · translate
EPF keep selling, maybe got another round of PP coming
4 days · translate
wah, from 500m share unit to 700m share unit
1 month · translate
confirm will go to rm6.00 in 1 month time, pls buy more together!! all in guys!!
1 month · translate
good chance to top up, TP RM6.00!!
1 month · translate
top up guys, TP RM4.00!!!
1 month · translate
top up more unit, after this price will shoot up to RM4.50
2 months · translate
time to top up more, price heading to RM6.00 in march
2 months · translate
confirm include
2 months · translate
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