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OVH lets break and close above 0.235 today, long term looked to complete "big cup". Profitable business which offer solution to oil and gas company.
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After Cup and handle, come good uptrend. Stable company of telecommucation and solar, bode well with current economic development / green technology. Might benefit from next year budget on digital tech and RE.
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Plez break 0.33 52WH
10 months · translate
Fantastic QR, exponential growth
Only Propose 1.25 cents dividend?
Future will involve with building Green Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV).
Even have 1200 millions share, but only 9.9% owned by general public. Company keep share buy back.
IPO price RM1.28, with cash RM 283 Millions. Current price RM0.47 ... standing just below 52week high. third time playing around this peak.
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Hope can sustain the momentum, maybe the chart can rise like Ancom?
2 years · translate
CCE .. The news involving I'kranji is about KPSCB not KPS.
Need to change name lah.. anything bad about selangor will drag this counter,
Or just privatise KPS then listed the subsidiaries such as Toyoplas and CPI
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really!! will do RI?
2 years · translate
Good performance...but market will not appreciate it.
2 years · translate
Sifu, i'm just stating fact from steel exchange. When the graph moving sharply downward from the peak, is it should to be call Falling? Not bottoming, steel price still a lot higher than pre pandemic. And from the graph, i did not see it rebounding yet.
Skyrocketing steel price surely not good for construction company. If u is a steel maker investor why come arguing at Haily? Haily has no effect to your company earning. Peace.
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Steel futures fell to around an 8-month low below CNY 4,500 a tonne, more than 20% below its record-high of 5,975 hit on May 11th, as demand in China continues to slow down. The construction sector, which accounts for a quarter of domestic steel demand, remains under pressure after home sales tumbled and Beijing stepped up its borrowing crackdown. Meanwhile, the demand from the manufacturing industry slowed sharply due to power rationing and as car production declined due to chips shortages and
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