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等到1.50 了又吐奶。。。。
14 hours · translate
没有1.50 的命吗?
1 day · translate
Good new for FP, buy over another company...But why price susah to exceed RM1 ??????
6 days · translate
tak ada volume susah naik like rocket
3 weeks · translate
tat was a few years ago in US, case they hv patent is very safe to earn money....
3 weeks · translate
big fund not come in no hope oledi
3 weeks · translate
Got such a good news uptrend too slow...kasi power lagi niiiiiiii
3 weeks · translate
only JFTECH can sell for those hv patent, other ppl copy cat need to sue in court
3 weeks · translate
Is it JFTECH going to merge wit VIS? I heard from whitsleblower, anyone hv news to verify??
3 weeks · translate
yalooorrt...if betul sure shoot up more like rocket....become 2nd genetec lor
3 weeks · translate
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