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Athmest Soon Boon

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Joined Mar 2017


careful tomorrow big drop
3 days · translate
MBSB is owned by EPF
1 week · translate
park ARBB at .46 and matched
2 weeks · translate
simon how much did you purchase your 5000 shares? after ex price right...
2 weeks · translate
yes they are in the red for a good few years
2 weeks · translate
lost steam jor...
2 weeks · translate
lost steam jor
2 weeks · translate
normally u can have some info in the announcement
2 weeks · translate
what info are you looking for Goh?
2 weeks · translate
just be careful..this company have been losing money fof the past few years ..but share price rocketing..AI project is still in talks omly
3 weeks · translate
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