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A hairdresser by profession...have been investing in the matket more than 15 years

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He is not stupid but a genius.. Genius in gangsterism, arrogant, and he himself takut mati
2 months · translate
Not the health DG should go its the Menteri Air Suam should be the one takut mati..
2 months · translate
First of all this gov is not elected by the people.. Lawyer it seems doesn't even know the fact... Omg..
2 months · translate
nta is negative so you will get nothing back
3 months · translate
this is exactly the same as Gpacket...con man stock
3 months · translate
in chinese dont understand lei..what is the news about?
4 months · translate
Goku bcoz gold price going up..they are involve in gold mining in sabah
5 months · translate
they push up sell to ppl ..they make money first lo
5 months · translate
ehh that stupid trump need china help sure bo...that blardy arrogant monster said it was a chinese need china to help blardy joker..
9 months · translate
With Tun keep on irritating other countries i dont think malaysia will prosper...MYOB is best Tun..
11 months · translate
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