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A hairdresser by profession...have been investing in the matket more than 15 years

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End FMCO are you sure.. There are other alternatives la.. Automatic monotorium.. Waiver of epf for employer's part... This will help in some ways... There are still 5k+ cases everyday in this FMCO.. Open up right away will be 10k cases..
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Gov got so much time to monitor bravo to the stupidity
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Min average. 0. 265
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I park. 15 also can't get
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Yes Kenny Tan I do understand that just that in share market better to buy growth stocks than all this speculative stocks.. All this syndicate manipulate the share to trap ppl.. So don't go near all this shares..
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There is no point as they never force ppl to buy shares.. We buy on our own free will.. Yes its true that there are syndicate who manipulate it.. But ask ourself why did we buy the share..
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1st March MOU with presto mall only
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Which news.. Where to see
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