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time to buy. free monieh
12 hours · translate
chart and FA show good news
17 hours · translate
breakout bro
1 day · translate
wait for this darling to BO
1 day · translate
collect some. sure will goreng bfore bankrupy
1 day · translate
aemulus yg tulus, time to buy
2 days · translate
go resin go.
3 days · translate
takut x naik ja. jdi hrga 5 bit. hahahahha
3 days · translate
lol. u all so noisy la. its up to them want to buy or sell. if no one want to buy, then hpw can we sell. lol. most of we retailers also not really long term minded i think especially on this stock
4 days · translate
wait la until it can break 50ma first. else, just monitor
4 days · translate
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