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why going to fly??
3 months · translate
yes, just watch .... absolutely stunning performance...
7 months · translate
the house will sell very well, already sold.... lots of them, log in lots of EPS....
7 months · translate
this is doing good, very good, the results will be fantastic....just watch
7 months · translate
what makes u say High chance salutica will win over Apple? a giant company??
1 year · translate
ha ha ha, 没ling 用,等着瞧,因缘还在具足,正在制造 perfect storm, 正在......我们不一样....... 仔细瞧..... 不可思議
3 years · translate
this is free share given to the employees. this company Salutica is very generous, watch, this technology stock, it has all the characteristics of a company like Vitrox or Pentamaster, you must invest long term.... it should worth at least $2. going to $6.50.... I n times to come......
3 years · translate
yes, the bottom Hammer, especially the big long hammer, not enough volume to support, technical say it will go down to $0.07 or $0.075....most probably....
3 years · translate
today T+2, the day the stock go fro. $0.085 to $0.12, lots of people will not take up, cut loss or force selling day....
3 years · translate
this APEX, Very cheap, will go to $1.20 to $1.50 when deckare $0.06 or $0.08 or $0.10 dividend in Dec end quarter.
3 years · translate
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