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Nope. Haha. I am worried looking at the current price. But I know if there is goreng session, it can go back to that price within few days.
3 days · translate
I am trapped at 20sen...
1 week · translate
My cost price 0.235... Once upon a time
1 month · translate
I hope so after so many years... I believe it worths more than the current price. Just the timing, if engine starts, it just need a few days to back to my cost price. But engine belum pasang lagi. Lol.
1 month · translate
I still trapped at 0.74. Sigh
1 month · translate
I am at 20sen level.
2 months · translate
Oh no. Toilet paper worth more than this
9 months · translate
Really no hope?
1 year · translate
Become toilet paper?
1 year · translate
PN17. Bcm 47sen toilet paper. Sigh
1 year · translate
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