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I think it will announce after Oct, because they need disposal their one existing business...early announce but very late do,
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They had remind in QR, due to disposal of manufacturing medical plastic and join health care , the revenue drop a lot
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I see, I though still some not yet... Fresh to study qr
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At least its medical area also good future and property
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HQ Ng, u right, I'm apologise, prospects long terms, it's too many ICPS not convert yet and share number issue too huge, hard fly, still need wait long terms
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Hello, dun simply said leh, where u get source, dun said insider news, give the source we can refer
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你叫魏公公快点approval 让他们引进来代理
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Can u go check annoucement? After 2 months, this company not yet decide and give announcement
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This new business sector... Techfast’s wholly-owned subsidiary Fast Energy Sdn Bhd (FESB) will supply Wise Marine Pte Ltd up to 20,000 tonnes of low sulphur fuel oil, low sulphur marine gas oil and high sulphur fuel oil every month.
The supply agreement is effective for three years.
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