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wow, 28% grow. go go go. limit up
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I won't tell you, you can imagine yourself. If outcome is different, then is your imagination problem, not me
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pls take note that the land acquired is from joint venture of clmt and uem sunrise. not sure whether they reported for related transaction or not.
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this one just ceased to be major shareholder last year by disposed same big amount of shares in one shot
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no detail news is bad news
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Sime Darby Bhd’s takeover bid to acquire the remaining 38.82% stake it does not own in UMW Holdings Bhd at RM5 per share has now become unconditional, after it received more than 50% of the voting shares.
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c. Management lousy
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luckily I disposed much earlier. worth 5.00 at pe20.
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current pe 35, vs PPJack 45, is around 28%. thus, price won't be double to 0.98 as yr comment even if market give them same valuation.
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