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Bonus issues on the way
2 days · translate
Welcome wei wei
2 weeks · translate
Yes, agreed with you all, our friend should average down...time is running out when vaccinations plans take full control next year over all nations
3 weeks · translate
@Tan GH , thanks for sharing, cheers ! It’s been quite sometime you share with us, thank you
2 months · translate
Hi Kyory, thanks for the update...we will always appreciate your comments and sharing
2 months · translate
@jackson, normally credited into your bank account...the account filled up when trades shares thru your remiser
2 months · translate
Stable and consistent in dividends payout...not forgetting the bonus issue coming soon
2 months · translate
KT means Harta
2 months · translate
@coco ...not yet...the train just starts
2 months · translate
@John, epf buy for bonus issue and not just dividend, Tg dividends is higher
2 months · translate
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