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Another wave incoming. Big telco from Sg.
12 hours · translate
Microsoft bought land from Ecoworld will eventually impact this counter one way or another.
1 day · translate
政府帮不帮,你看看 Pos Malaysia 就知道了
1 month · translate
Kung, if dats the case, then thr wont be serba case d
3 months · translate
Monday's stock price will reflect the impact and extent
3 months · translate
Big news coming!
3 months · translate
Tmr chiong chiong chiong!
3 months · translate
Gais ni semua tak akan goreng la. Jgn letak harapan. Tgk dorang number of shares. Berat je
2 years · translate
Fintech not in susah goreng la
2 years · translate
Eat 10 days++ ice cream d XD
2 years · translate
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