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Very interesting
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I would say it is outperformed
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其实这个是non-executive director 来的, 跟executive 是不一样的,不需要懂石油业的
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"KPMG can simply delay and watch serba go PN17. Good luck!" Hahahahahahahahahha
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独立董事来的 因为不认同公司对kpmg的行动
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Someone said SB is doing something wrong in the past 6 years and it finally discovered at year 7 by the same auditor, the fact is auditor didn't give any opinion and signed the AR in the past 6 years, and now you are saying the how credible is the auditor now? You kidding me? Don't forget, the suppliers questioned by auditor is not new.
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bon bon sin 请问有没有serbadk的tele群 想加入
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云顶就算以后转亏为盈,故事的结局也是sell on fact, 没有惊喜
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