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apple Dan Microsoft sedang all time high sekarang, sebab tu semua teknology sector ada positif impak, Greatech, UMC, jftech, Inari, JHM, semua cantik.. tahniah korang.
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this stock is my investment stock.. it's nearly to hit ground.. but I trust my decision.. whenever you go down you will bounce back. It's the theory of Force.. as long as the fundermental is hard... go big with kpower.
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next strong resistance is 0.643. 2 kali cuba nak pecah tak berjaya..hope kali ini berjaya..amiinn
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walaupun saham healthcare lain tak jln, lkl dah jln dulu.. sentiment kuat.. hold tight guys..
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saya dah ada di sini.. tunggu naik lif je
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@chee Meng.. I also keep this ticket as investment... hope to see another split in Future..
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wow..4500 lot... good 2.. is tis shark?
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cannot imagine..53 millions share traded for this counter this morning, 26 millions share should be a seller.. who sold their tickets with higher price..kayalah..
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SCIB ada beri dividend, even 1.9 sen, it's double bullet, dividend dan price up...ex date 15 Mac, so esok mesti harga naik lagi.. and actually construction,enegy, metal and property sector dah nak mula gerak.. ptg tadi top gainer dari energy dan construction, tapi premarket di US, semua saham technology hijau... stay tuned guys..
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