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In the modern society, there are many other ways of handling such crimes and sentencing one to die is not the right way, No human being has a right to take one's life certainly not for a drug crime. Anyway, those Singaporeans who are responsible for his death from the PM, Judiciary, law makers etc will have to answer to the Almighty in their afterlife. Their life on earth will not be peaceful! I hope they will sleep well and think of their own mother what it is like for Naga's mum going through right now. Their life on earth will not be peaceful!
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Although i must admit what he has done is wrong in the law of Singapore. But there are ways to handle such cases ie life imprisonment etc and not take his life away. Only God has the right to determine when one shld go. Those Singaporean who are responsible for his death will have to answer to the Almighty and face the consequences in their eternal life. Their life on earth will not be peaceful!
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Dividend Chart is wrong!!
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sell sell sell... no longer good!!
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Can someone in The Edge tabulate the total population breaking into various strata ie Adult, Adolescent , kids, infant etc making the total pupolution vs the % each of them has been vaccinated ..this will give a better picture instead of just copying the above info from MOH. No class??
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The what the f...they bother to give Sinovac vaccine in the first place? Just give Pfzier and AZ for the population..right?
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Its chargeable income and not pretax or post tax income. Some of the PLC are group companies and individual subsidiaries may not have chargeable income more than 100m, so therefore may not be subjected to the 33% rate
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1 million Senior citizen above recd single dose. Minister of Health announced a total of 2.4 m recd single dose nationwide. So i conclude we have 1.4 million people from phase1? This was not the figure announced earlier and phase 3 has not started. so alot of queue jumpers ? I am a senior citizen and not been called yet..
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wht is the use of your advertisement? It's a waste of time and monies. I am a senior citizen already registered for vaccination and till now still waiting? You shld advertise to speed up the vaccination programme.
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The information above is wrongly written....profit is Rm134k and not Rm134m. Same as for the Revenue...its million and not billion! The writer shld be sacked!!!
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